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JanKanis  committed 28319ba

fix bug in removing watches

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File inotify/watcher.py

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         return wd
     def remove(self, wd):
-        '''Remove the given watch.'''
+        '''Remove the given watch. The watch is only forgotten from the
+        internal datastructures once the corresponding IN_IGNORED event is 
+        received from the OS.'''
         inotify.remove_watch(self.fd, wd)
-        self._remove(wd)
     def remove_path(self, path):
         '''Remove the watch for the given path.'''
         wd = self._paths.get(os.path.normpath(path), (None,))[0]
-        if not wd is None:
-            self.remove(wd)
+        if wd is None:
+            raise InotifyWatcherException("{} is not a watched file".format(path))
+        self.remove(wd)
     def _remove(self, wd):
         path_mask = self._wds.pop(wd, None)
-        if path_mask is not None:
-            self._paths.pop(path_mask[0])
+        if path_mask is None:
+            raise InotifyWatcherException("watchdescriptor {} not known".format(wd))
+        self._paths.pop(path_mask[0])
     def path(self, path):
         '''Return a (watch descriptor, event mask) pair for the given path.
                     mask = parentmask | inotify.IN_ONLYDIR
                         self.add_all(evt.fullpath, mask)
-                    except OSError as err:
+                    except EnvironmentError as err:
                         if err.errno not in self.ignored_errors:
         return events
         exceeded the threshold.'''
         return self.readable() >= self.threshold
+class InotifyWatcherException (Exception):
+    pass