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Ensure that moved directories are correctly tracked

Tentative fix for issue #1

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         return list(self._add_iter(path, mask, onerror))
+    def remove_all(self, path):
+        '''Remove watches over path and its subdirectories.'''
+        path = os.path.normpath(path)
+        prefix = path + '/'
+        watched_paths = self._paths.keys()
+        for wpath in watched_paths:
+            if wpath.startswith(prefix) or wpath == path:
+                self.remove_path(wpath)
+        del watched_paths[:]
 class AutoWatcher(Watcher):
     '''Watcher class that automatically watches newly created directories.'''
     def read(self, bufsize=None):
         events = super(AutoWatcher, self).read(bufsize)
+        addmask = inotify.IN_CREATE | inotify.IN_MOVED_TO
         for evt in events:
-            if evt.mask & inotify.IN_ISDIR and evt.mask & inotify.IN_CREATE:
-                if self.addfilter is None or self.addfilter(evt):
+            if evt.mask & inotify.IN_ISDIR:
+                if self.addfilter and not self.addfilter(evt):
+                    continue
+                if evt.mask & addmask:
                     # See note about race avoidance via IN_ONLYDIR above.
                     mask = | inotify.IN_ONLYDIR
                     except EnvironmentError as err:
                         if err.errno not in self.ignored_errors:
+                elif evt.mask & inotify.IN_MOVED_FROM:
+                    # Cleanup old watch entries.
+                    self.remove_all(evt.fullpath)
         return events
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