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 slow to the extent that I stopped trying to fix its problems and wrote
 a new implementation instead.
+One difference is that pyinotify has a callback based API in which you 
+define callbacks or methods that are called when a specific event happens, 
+forcing an event-driven programmig style. Python-inotify has an API that 
+allows you to use a blocking `` call. 
 You can find pyinotify at

File inotify/

         for evt in, bufsize):
             event = Event(evt, None if evt.wd == -1 else self._wds[evt.wd][0])
-            if evt.mask & inotify.IN_IGNORED:
+            if evt.ignored:
-            elif evt.mask & inotify.IN_UNMOUNT:
+            elif evt.umount:
         return events
         callable that takes one parameter.  It will be called each time
         a directory is about to be automatically watched.  If it returns
         True, the directory will be watched if it still exists,
-        otherwise, it will beb skipped.'''
+        otherwise, it will be skipped.'''
         super(AutoWatcher, self).__init__()
         self.addfilter = addfilter