JanKanis committed 529bb2c

also take out preconfigured bdist options and the script

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     'Topic :: Text Processing :: Markup',
     'Topic :: Utilities',
-  options = {'bdist': {'plat_name': 'linux'}},

-# a wrapper for " bdist_dumb"
-# I wanted to include the files differently into the  tar, but haven't figured out how to do that properly. This is an ugly hack but it works. 
-if test ! -x
-	echo Error: call this script from the package\'s root directory
-	exit 1
-python bdist_dumb -p linux --no-hack-warning
-VER=`python -qV | tail -n +2 -n 1`
-echo Hacking symlinks into wiki2csv-$VER.linux.tar.gz...
-cd dist
-tar -xf wiki2csv-$VER.linux.tar.gz
-cd usr/local/bin/
-mv wiki2csv
-ln -s wiki2csv csv2wiki
-cd ../../..
-tar -cf wiki2csv-$VER.linux.tar.gz usr
-rm -r usr
-cd ..
-echo Hacking up wiki2csv-$VER.linux.tar.gz completed
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