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  2. wiki2csv


wiki2csv / setup.py

from distutils.core import setup

# When installing, at least on posix, there should be two commands in the path: wiki2csv and csv2wiki. There seems to be no clean way to have a hook called after the install is finished but before the rest of the setup.py process continues. In revision 17c27805acfb I had monkeypatched distutils to do this, but I've decided to take it out and just stick to source packages. 

  name = 'wiki2csv',
  version = '1.0.1',
  scripts = ['wiki2csv.py'],
  author = 'Jan Kanis',
  author_email = 'jan.code@jankanis.nl',
  url = 'http://bitbucket.org/JanKanis/wiki2csv',
  description = 'convert wikipedia tables to csv and back for editing in Excel/LibreOffice',
  long_description = '''Wiki2csv is a command line tool to convert a file containing a table in wikipedia's `wikitable syntax <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Wikitable>`_ to comma separated value syntax and the other way around. It was designed to allow editing of large wikipedia tables using the easier interface of common spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel or `LibreOffice <http://www.libreoffice.org/>`_. Therefore it tries to preserve as much of the layout and formatting directives from the wikitable as possible, and it tries to be fully round trippable.''',
  classifiers = [
    'Programming Language :: Python :: 2.7',
    'Development Status :: 4 - Beta',
    'Environment :: Console',
    'License :: OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License v3 or later (GPLv3+)',
    'Operating System :: OS Independent',
    'Topic :: Internet',
    'Topic :: Text Processing :: Markup',
    'Topic :: Utilities',
  options = {'bdist': {'plat_name': 'linux'}},