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Insomnia MudServer

A Mud Server written in C++
Using C++11 standards.
Using Boost Libraries
- Asio
- Guid


This project aims to create a modern C++ mud code-base.

Build Instructions

To build on windows using VS 2017.

  1. Download Boost (We are currently using v 1_67_0)

    a. Boost 1_67_0

    b. Further documentation on getting boost working on windows can be found here.

  2. It would be wise to extract boost to C:\

  3. Clone this repo, then open the cloned VS Project in VS Studio.

  4. Configure the project if needed, following these steps.

    Right-click the project in the Solution Explorer pane and select Properties from the resulting pop-up menu

    In Configuration Properties > C/C++ > General > Additional Include Directories, enter the path to the Boost root directory, for example


    In Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Precompiled Headers, change Use Precompiled Header (/Yu) to Not Using Precompiled Headers.2

    Replace the contents of the example.cpp generated by the IDE with the example code above.

    From the Build menu, select Build Solution.

  5. Compile the project, hope all went well.