Fork Update

The conceptual changes in this fork were proposed and accepted in to the main branch. This fork will no longer be updated.

Improve your user experience with amazingly fast page loads by combining, compressing, and versioning your JavaScript & CSS files and images. django-mediagenerator eliminates unnecessary HTTP requests and maximizes cache usage.

Supports App Engine, Sass, HTML5 offline manifests, Jinja2, Python/pyjs, CoffeeScript, and much more. Visit the project site for more information.

Most important changes in version 1.9 - 1.9.2

  • Added CoffeeScript support (use .coffee extension). Contributed by Andrew Allen.
  • In cache manifests the NETWORK section now contains "*" by default
  • Fixed relative imports in Sass filter
  • Fixed i18n filter in development mode. Contributed by Simon Payne.
  • Added missing base.manifest to zip package

See CHANGELOG.rst for the complete changelog.