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- Added message closing out this fork. Proposal accepted and add in the main branch.

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+Fork Update
+The conceptual changes in this fork were proposed and 
+accepted in to the main branch. This fork will no longer be
+* see changeset-2611638077ad_
+* see changeset-b009c1641281_
 Improve your user experience with amazingly fast page loads by combining,
 compressing, and versioning your JavaScript & CSS files and images.
 django-mediagenerator_ eliminates unnecessary HTTP requests
 .. _CoffeeScript: http://coffeescript.org/
 .. _Jinja2: http://jinja.pocoo.org/
 .. _CHANGELOG.rst: https://bitbucket.org/wkornewald/django-mediagenerator/src/tip/CHANGELOG.rst
+.. _changeset-2611638077ad: https://bitbucket.org/wkornewald/django-mediagenerator/changeset/2611638077ad
+.. _changeset-b009c1641281: https://bitbucket.org/wkornewald/django-mediagenerator/changeset/b009c1641281
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