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The following are very subjective suggestions but I thought I would make them anyway.

  1. Conversion rate and coin columns should be combined. The rate and the coin to my mind are in a different category to the other stats and are more closely related independent of mining statistics. I suggest a heading:

Coin Conv. rate 10 minute delta

Losing a column would make it slightly easier to read and also allow a little more space if needed for the Coin column.

  1. "Confirmed (% of min payout / fee %)" is kind of bulky and ugly. I suggest reduction to Confirmed (min payout / fee). The % in the column values already makes it clear it's a percentage.

  2. I was initially (albeit briefly) confused by the order of the confirmed/unconfirmed columns. As an english reader, I'm more used to information relevancy increasing from left to right. IMHO I think unconfirmed should come before confirmed.

  3. Using colors to differentiate headings or alternatively bold borders. Unconfirmed, confirmed, and total columns might look nicer with slightly different background colors. Columns east of "Total" could also be background colored slightly differently as they are a slightly different category of information.

I'm glad there is an option to choose "trivial" as the priority as the above definitely are. But I thought I would throw in my suggestions anyway.

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  1. Poby

    Finally got around to creating an account. The "Coin Conv. rate 10 minute delta" I typed as 3 separate rows. i.e.


    Conv. rate

    10 min delta

    Hopefully this time it displays it as intended.

    I also might suggest the column ordering be like:

    On exchange (Unconf.) | On exchange | Unconfirmed | Confirmed | Total

    In this way the progress goes from left to right which I think is more intuitive.

    Ok I'm done.

  2. James Dimitrov repo owner

    I'm worried about changing this as this is the only request I've gotten, but if more come in I will definitely look into it.

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