"Payout Last 24 Hours" Total Error

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Issue #159 resolved
Nick Varterian created an issue

When logged in, "Payout Last 24 Hours" column total shows exchange payouts for the last 24 hours, not auto convert payout when it states "(excl. exchange)".

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  1. AndyBlue

    I am having this same issue. Was working fine yesterday, having this issue appears to be after your update.

  2. PXRebirth

    No change here. 1.5.1 of course and using MPH specifically. I went in to settings, changed my autoexchange coin and selected all coins, saved. Changed autoexchange back to my coin of choice (litecoin in this case) and selected it on the bottom as well. Same calculation is happening. I then changed my "Conversion" currency to LTC and did the manual math to confirm that the daily coin value is in fact all of my coins AND the autoexchange coin summed together.

    Let me know if I can provide anything else!

  3. James Dimitrov repo owner

    There is a new setting that lets you manually disable which coins are included in the estimates and totals, I recommend using it. It's in Settings > Estimate Settings

  4. AndyBlue

    Turning the coin of works, but should not need to. At least your have it say disabled on the main page in case I change the pair coin.

  5. PXRebirth

    Ah sweet. so using the Settings > Estimates Settings feature and disabling my auto-exchange happens to work for me because I am not mining my autoexchange. That is a fix for me. Let me know if I can help test any other configurations if useful. cheers!

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