Zpool not showing in earning report or graphs

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Issue #201 on hold
Former user created an issue

Hi there, only MPH earnings appear in the graph and earnings report tabs. Is this as intended?

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  1. James Dimitrov repo owner

    Zpool data should appear if you select whatever coin you are mining as a payout coin in settings.

  2. BitcoinMiner24

    Perhaps I am setting it in the wrong place. I have it set as my autoconvert coin for MPH. Where else do I need to set it? I don’t see a way to select under “payout settings”, which seems to be about alerts and “estimate settings” which seems to be about excluding coins?

  3. James Dimitrov repo owner

    I misunderstood, and I apologize. MPH is the only API that provides daily stats for earnings, so it is the only one that can be added to reports and graphs. I can't fix this until the API's are improved upon

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