All Coins are shown twice

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Issue #213 resolved
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  1. James Dimitrov repo owner

    Trying to track down the root cause of this, and I got it to happen to me once, but I can't cause it to happen again...

  2. NeoShade

    I removed and readded API key, cleared cache, etc. Started about a week ago.

    Using: MPH + Nicehash. Using Google sign in and API key both give the same issue. Let me know I'd you need help troubleshooting.

  3. MaverickSwe

    Hi i created this issue. it always shows everythinng double for me. all coins and workers.

    i found this error in console Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'swing' of undefined at mdb.min.js:1

  4. MaverickSwe

    That fixed it!! I had invalid keys in my nicehash profile. Api id for nicehash was mistakenly my api key

  5. James Dimitrov repo owner

    It might still reappear. The issue seems to be with caching. Let me know if the issue returns after 30 minutes

  6. MaverickSwe

    Will do! But i have had the problem for a week or so. On multiple browsers and computers. So am pretty sure that was it. Thanks for the help! Really enjoy the page

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