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CAP3r5 created an issue

I was looking through the nicehash API and saw that it is possible to have more detailed payout information added to the site. Check out stats.provider and stats.provider.ex calls from here:

These calls let you pull past payout details for 56 payments so you can pull those. It also allows you to to see the btc for each algorithm that is unpaid so maybe you could allow us to see the each of these as unique Nicehash algorithm rows or have an option to combine into just btc like it is now. Maybe you can even give us the option then to view stats grouped based on the algorithm level.

This call should also allow you to add 24 hr estimate for nicehash. Add the pending balance and a fraction of the last payout based on the payout time. For example if it has been 6 hours since the last payout, add the pending balance to (18/24th of the previous day's balance. If it has been 12 hrs since the last payout, add the pending payout to 12/24th (1/2) of previous day's payout.

This would be just a guestimate of course. The closer you are to the payout time the more accurate the 24 payout estimate with the greatest chance of skewed data at 12hrs after payout but I feel that it is better than nothing.

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  1. Chris Hartman

    I really want this feature added. I use MPH with Awesome for my bigger rigs, and NiceHash for my smaller/gaming rigs, so it'd be great to see NH integrated with the daily earnings/report.

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