Cannot enter API key into user settings page

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Issue #239 resolved
Former user created an issue

Hello, Thankyou for your work on this tool, its greatly appreciated!

I have created a new user account (github linked)

When I log in and access:

The MPH api key is non editable text, with the value 'null' <input class="form-control" placeholder="API Key (So you don't have to post it in the URL)" id="api_key" data-parsley-trigger="change" data-parsley-type="alphanum" data-parsley-minlength="64" data-parsley-maxlength="64" name="api_key" value="null" type="text">

By replacing this value using the browser inspector, I was able to submit my API key successfully.

I am using Firefox Quantum 58.0.1

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  1. JG

    Further check shows layer 8 error - too much derp in user. Didn't recognise the fancy nice looking text box. Please close this issue.

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