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Former user created an issue

Tried to post this to https://miningpoolhubstats.com/api/worker/<apikey>

@{profit=0.00021037; workername=foo; miners=[
    "CurrentSpeed": "586 H/s",
    "EstimatedSpeed": "586 H/s",
    "Version": "1.0",
    "PID": 4924,
    "Name": "dstm",
    "Pool": "Mining Pool Hub",
    "Active": "0d 0h 3m",
    "Algorithm": "Equihash",
    "BTC/day": 0.00021037,
    "Path": "zm.exe"

Ever since then, I get the "Whoops, looks like something went wrong." message when I try to access https://miningpoolhubstats.com/user.

I'd reset my MPH API key, except there's no option on MPH to do that. So I'm stuck with an unusable MPHStats user page.

Please advise.

PS: the same request works perfectly on the multipoolminer monitoring site.

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