[Proposal to support] Earnings report when changing payout coin a few too many times

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First off, great work on the tool! However, the double profit issue described here is not because the settings are incorrect. I have followed the steps as suggested to set autoexchange coins or disable estimates, https://www.reddit.com/r/MiningPoolHubStats/comments/7p8l84/importantfaq_important_faq_items/

A problem occurred when I switch the autoexchange coins a few times too many. For example, autoexchange is set to BTC, miner is mining ETH and ETH is autoconverted to BTC. Things are normal, earnings report is accurate and no issue there. If I change the autoexchange coin to ETH after a few days, the already converted ETH is counted again toward the daily earnings, which is also accounted for in the BTC balance. The fix for now is that I would have to exclude either coin to have the correct balance, or just set the time interval corresponding to when I switch payout coins.

This issue does not happen if you autoexchange to only one coin consistently. Not a big deal but if you can implement something, that would be great!

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