Workers updates and autoswitch.

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Issue #34 resolved
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the worker updates are pretty much useless for autoswitch atm. i hardly get a reliable update once every 30 minutes, from the algo that seem the have been running 30 minutes before, not sure if this is possible to increase the freq at which you get worker data from the api, ik zpool updates are pretty steady every 5minutes with reliable infos, so it must be possible here too. would also be nice to have the history / list of previous algos, how long they ran, and what was the total reward during that priode of time in coin / cash.


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  1. James Dimitrov repo owner

    Their website doesn't cache, but the API does. I also cache every 10 minutes, so there really isn't much of a way to improve this without causing an overload on the MPH API server.

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