Graph values retroactively changing

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Issue #36 on hold
CFLLC created an issue

I notice the history graph has values for previous days changing as well as the current day does. I am unsure if this is an API related issue or if it is something that can be cleaned up... it appears that each day has one bullet mark at 0600 (unless this is because I am in EST) and those move around. But not only the current day changes every few minutes... previous days' values do as well.

Could be from API? Or from unconfirmed coins that become confirmed from the previous day? Or related to the issue where when a wallet is completely emptied out (auto-exchange) it disappears from all calculations?

I wish I had more information, but it's hard to narrow down the correlation when the numbers themselves are so inaccurate right now.

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  1. James Dimitrov repo owner

    Yeah, that's from the API. All data is provided by them. I would also assume that older unconfirmed coins can make a difference for sure.

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