Earnings Estimates are innacurate

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Former user created an issue

The earnings estimates seems very innacurate (see image included)

As you can see, my last 24h is 3.42 USD but still the rest of the estimates are way off. Not sure if that's modifiable on your side since you are pulling info from MPH, but thought I would mention it.

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  1. James Dimitrov repo owner

    This is coming from the MPH API. Right now, especially if anyone is mining ETH (The ETH API is completely down) estimates are really really low.

  2. JohnGypsy

    So, just to follow up on this... Mine is off in the other direction and has been the entire time. I don't think it is ETH related. I consistently mine about $25/day. Has been right around that for the past week. But, my stats page (Based on MPH API) always shows just about DOUBLE that (currently it says $50.35).

    Note that I currently do NOT auto-convert (or manually convert) ANY coins. I'm just keeping what I'm mining.

    Why is it always off by so much from the API?

    If you'd like to see it, I'm: d419ae7ac00fbaae07f1ace8ce9992feaa5a3e9494a49e36f7a07972b972e01b

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