Feature request: new pane with mphs profitability info

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Issue #80 resolved
Former user created an issue

could it be posible to have a new pane with mph profitability info? the one in the mainpage.

like it polling for the info every 5 mins or so. It could then be averaged into different time frames like: hourly/daily/weekly monthly... etc

could be a nice addition to keep track of the most profitable coins over a longer period of time for those people who like to stick with one coin for longer.

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  1. CFLLC

    My input is that all that is worthless as long as the API incorrectly reports no earning history for all wallets that are currently empty.

  2. James Dimitrov repo owner

    Polling all coins would increase the number of API calls by about 400%. If I were to do that, I would have to increase cache and refresh times from 5 minutes to potentially 20-30. The big question is which is more useful? more data or data more often?

  3. vorpalmethod

    Perhaps you don't need to poll all coins regularly. Minimize the list by keeping a cache of all coins used in the last 24 (48?) hours. I doubt that most users use more than 50% of coins, but I don't have data to back this up. Add to the cache when pulling balances every 5 minutes (which is cheap), subtract when they are empty for too long. Maybe introduce this with a once-daily (weekly?) full scan during low usage times, too, if that exists.

    Either way, congrats on getting this page set up. What a great tool :)

  4. James Dimitrov repo owner

    If you download and use the forked MultiPoolMiner, the estimates are now accurate and updates once per minute. Notifications also work so I suggest using it.

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