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Robert Brewer  committed c0fbc28

The "processbus" project switched names to "magicbus"

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File cherrypy/__init__.py

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 from cherrypy._cptree import Application
 from cherrypy import _cpwsgi as wsgi
-import processbus
-engine = processbus.bus
-from processbus.plugins.tasks import Autoreloader, Monitor, ThreadManager
-from processbus.plugins.signalhandler import SignalHandler
+import magicbus
+engine = magicbus.bus
+from magicbus.plugins.tasks import Autoreloader, Monitor, ThreadManager
+from magicbus.plugins.signalhandler import SignalHandler
 # Timeout monitor. We add two channels to the engine
 # to which cherrypy.Application will publish.

File cherrypy/_cpserver.py

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 # We import * because we want to export check_port
 # et al as attributes of this module.
-from processbus.plugins.servers import *
+from magicbus.plugins.servers import *
 class Server(ServerAdapter):

File cherrypy/cherryd

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 import sys
 import cherrypy
-from processbus.plugins import opsys, servers
+from magicbus.plugins import opsys, servers
 from cherrypy import Application
 def start(configfiles=None, daemonize=False, environment=None,

File cherrypy/lib/gctools.py

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 import cherrypy
 from cherrypy import _cprequest, _cpwsgi
-from processbus.plugins import SimplePlugin
+from magicbus.plugins import SimplePlugin
 class ReferrerTree(object):

File cherrypy/lib/sessions.py

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 import types
 from warnings import warn
-from processbus.plugins.tasks import Monitor
+from magicbus.plugins.tasks import Monitor
 import cherrypy
 from cherrypy._cpcompat import copyitems, pickle, random20, unicodestr

File setup.py

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-            "processbus>=3.3.0alpha",
+            "magicbus>=3.3.0alpha",