nxt / changelogs / nxt-client-1.2.8.changelog.txt

API changes:

The timestamp parameter in getAccountTransactionIds and getAccountTransactions
now refers to the timestamp of the block in which the transaction was included
rather than the transaction timestamp itself. Transactions are sorted in
descending order of block timestamp and transaction id, instead of transaction
timestamp. This is so that the sorting matches the order in which transactions
are processed, and because transactions with earlier timestamps may appear in
the blockchain after transactions with later timestamps have already been
processed, thus being unintentionally skipped while navigating the transactions
list by transaction timestamp.

The getAccountTransactionIds and getAccountTransactions requests now accept an
optional numberOfConfirmations parameter, which can be used to retrieve only
transactions with at least numberOfConfirmations number of confirmations.

The getBlock API now optionally accepts height instead of block parameter, to
retrieve the block at that height. If both block and height are specified,
height parameter is ignored.

The getBlock API now also accepts includeTransactions parameter, if set to
true, full transaction JSON is returned instead of only transaction ids.

There are no other changes between 1.2.7 and 1.2.8, so those who rely on the
old behavior of the above APIs can continue to use 1.2.7 for the time being.

Client GUI: 

Added the option for merchants to specify a specially formatted message that
is required to be added to a payment transaction or an asset transfer.

To activate this behavior, you must set your account info description to the
following format: #merchant:[0-9]+#

This example will only accept a numeric message.

If the message should be of a particular length use this: 

This format will only allow messages that have a length of 4 to 8 characters 
and is alphanumeric.

Note that the regex is case sensitive.

Fixed issue with public key field not showing when using a contact in the
recipient field.