nxt / changelogs / nxt-client-1.3.5.changelog.txt

Added getDGSTagCount API, allow getDGSGoodsCount and getDGSPurchaseCount to be
used also to get total goods or purchase counts.

Added completed parameter to getDGSGoodsPurchases, getDGSGoodsPurchaseCount,
getDGSPurchaseCount, getDGSPurchases, to allow querying for completed purchases
only. Added withPublicFeedbacksOnly parameter to getDGSPurchaseCount.

Secondary sort of search results after sorting by relevance, by timestamp if
for any seller, or by name and then by timestamp if for a single seller.

Improved performance of Marketplace page, show counts for goods in stock only.

Increased default purchase delivery deadline to 168 hours (1 week).

Include full peer info in getPeers API if includePeerInfo=true, to avoid having
to do a separate getPeer request for each peer.

Include cumulativeDifficulty in the block JSON.

Allow transaction signing in signTransaction to skip the validation of the
transaction bytes being signed, if an optional validate=false parameter is added.
This would be useful when signing transaction bytes on a machine that doesn't have
the full blockchain downloaded, which normally prevents validation.

Allow sending messages with no recipient.

Automatically blacklist peers with version older than 1.2.0.

UI improvements of the API /test page.

Changed nxt-default.properties to enable MVCC by default, to avoid database lock
timeout errors.

Updated jetty to version 9.2.6. If unpacking on top of a previous installation,
delete your lib directory first to remove the old jetty libraries.