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Added a way to prevent the call to 'wsgi'


mywebsockethandler.prevent_wsgi_call = True

This is what is done in the latest gevent-socketio library.

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 class WebSocketHandler(WSGIHandler):
-    """ Automatically upgrades the connection to websockets. """
+    """Automatically upgrades the connection to websockets.
+    To prevent the WebSocketHandler to call the underlying WSGI application,
+    but only setup the WebSocket negotiations, do:
+      mywebsockethandler.prevent_wsgi_call = True
+    before calling handle_one_response().  This is useful if you want to do
+    more things before calling the app, and want to off-load the WebSocket
+    negotiations to this library.  Socket.IO needs this for example, to
+    send the 'ack' before yielding the control to your WSGI app.
+    """
     GUID = "258EAFA5-E914-47DA-95CA-C5AB0DC85B11"
     SUPPORTED_VERSIONS = ('13', '8', '7')
             if not result:
-            self.application(environ, self._fake_start_response)
+            if not hasattr(self, 'prevent_wsgi_call'):
+                self.application(environ, self._fake_start_response)
             return []
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