Sec-WebSocket-Protocol should only return a single value

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

I noticed this while trying to make noVNC with with gevent-websocket (instead of the websocket implementation shipped with noVNC).

If a client sends "Sec-WebSocket-Protocol: binary, base64" (or sends single values, multiple times for that header), the server must, according to the RFC, only respond with a single value - in this case, most logically "binary".

This bug is causing the noVNC client to see a response of "Sec-WebSocket-Protocol: binary, base64", and interpret that as the server having not chosen a sub-protocol. The noVNC client then proceeds to use base64, which fails, since gevent-websocket does not implement that (although noVNC's websocket server does - maybe we could also support base64?)

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