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Python 3 support

Jacob Rief
created an issue

any chance that Python3 will be supported in the near future?

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  1. David Ford

    gevent supports py3 now. i have a working local instance of geventwebsocket that is functioning for both 2.7.9 and 3.4.3. there aren't a lot of important differences, the majority are trivial. my total diff length including context etc., is 526 lines. to note, i do have some minor modifications for my own elucidation that occupies about 25% of my current diff.

    if you want to avoid 'six', here are the references i've made, it'll be real easy to make a for this small list:

    six.b six.u six.moves.xrange six.moves.urllib six.string_types

    most of the fixup deals with str/unicode/byte.

    gist is here

  2. Marko Luther

    David, thanks for this. Received an TypeError: can't concat bytes to str in L282, which reads message += payload. I turned the message = b'' in read_message into message = '' and that fixed it for me. Not sure if this is appropriate as I do not understand (I not even tried to) any of that code. Thanks!

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