IllegalAccessError with Java 9, and used Snapshot 8.4

Issue #52 wontfix
megladonkeyduck created an issue
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access method com.sun.javafx.css.parser.CSSParser.<init>()V from class de.jensd.fx.glyphs.GlyphIcon
    at de.jensd.fx.glyphs.GlyphIcon.<clinit>(

As said in the title I used snapshot 8.4 like I saw in an earlier issue. My problem was not resolved. I am trying to use the icons from SceneBuilder with fxml file.

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  1. megladonkeyduck reporter

    I don't know how to use maven or dependencies or whatever those are alongside gluon's scene builder.

    I don't understand the architecture of that stuff. @ the link you just sent me

  2. megladonkeyduck reporter

    ok found a fontawesomefx-commons-9.0.0.jar

    but when importing to scene builder, it has no icons... also packages from 8.9 cannot be resolved

  3. Jens Deters repo owner

    Since 8.10 (2 years ago) FAfx ist split into multiple jars. So additionally to the mandatory "commons" you have to add the Icon-Font pack you want to use, e.g. for FontAwesome icons add 'fontawesomefx-fontawesome-4.7.0-9.jar '.

  4. megladonkeyduck reporter

    yes but even when downloading those they each have no components when importing into scenebuilder

  5. megladonkeyduck reporter

    So when I try to search up an item in the library, it then reports nothing is found

  6. Marcel Schramm

    Sorry, but i wouldn't call that resolved, this liibrary isn't too useful in its current state, the 8.X versions won't run with Java 9 since you were using internal apis and the 9.X Version doesn't work with java 8 obviously .... Correect me if i am wrong, but i tried both directions

  7. megladonkeyduck reporter

    That would be a good comeback only if version 9 worked with java 9 and version 8 worked with java 8 before I installed java 9.

  8. Marcel Schramm

    You didn't quite get the problem @Jerady . It isn't compatible in any direction, which makes it practically unusable, unless you always ship a jvm and only allow to use that one

  9. Marcel Schramm

    Also, i don't know if its possible to do it better, but if not, tell us instead of giving us a childish answer lik is the naming schema too misleading? You seem old enough.

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