Cant import into Scenebuilder 8.4.1

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Ali Ahamed Thowfeek created an issue

I guess I have tried everything, that includes importing old versions down to 8.11 via the import manager of Scenebuilder and also tried the manual way with no big luck.

But I get only the "Glyphstack" control when importing the 8.1 versions. with 9. versions it says there are no UI componets to import.

And Finally i figured it out. That is the version 8.2 upto 8.9 worked fine. The only problem was it was not easily accessible.

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  1. apxahre1eon

    Hi Ali, i think i found answer there

    ... JavaFX will be removed from the Java JDK as of JDK 11, which is due in September 2018. It is bundled in the current JDK 9 and will remain in JDK 10, due this spring. Commercial support for JavaFX in JDK 8 will continue through at least 2022. Featuring a set of packages for graphics and media, JavaFX has been part of the JDK download since 2012. ...

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