Not able to use none of fontawesome 8.15 nor 9.1.2 on android (jdk 10)

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Amin Abbasi created an issue

I am not able to build my project which depends on fontawesome 8.15 using jfxmobile-plugin.

System spec: gradle project fontawesome 9.1.2 jdk-10 jfxmobile-plugin v2.0.29

I just give java 8 on android a try.

the reason:

public class GlyphCheckBoxSkin extends CheckBoxSkin [=>] ClassNotFoundException.

I thought upgrading to fontawesome 9.1.2 would solve the problem; however, it fails again since some java 9 feature is used within fontawesome v9.1.2 which is not supported on android (java 9 features are not supported yet)

Is there any way to resolve my issue? Thanks in advace.

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