Stack overflow in GlyphIcon running on java 11 in 9.1.2

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Keith Campbell created an issue

Thank you for developing fontawsesomefx :-)

The method:

public final void setGlyphStyle(String style)

Is causing a stack overflow error in some circumstances when running on Java 11. In particular, when trying to add a style, it just concatenates the style to the existing style, which then causes a refresh, which then causes a style changed event, when then appends again, and so forth. I get both stack overflow and out of memory exceptions from this issue.

I made the following change to this method, which seems to resolve the issue. Perhaps you can integrate and release a 9.1.3?

public final void setGlyphStyle(String style) {
    if (!getGlyphStyle().isEmpty() && getGlyphStyle().contains(style)) {
    if (!getGlyphStyle().isEmpty() && !getGlyphStyle().endsWith(";")) {
        style = ";".concat(style);


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  1. Fabian Kasper

    I seemed to miss that there was an update to version 11.0. But the bug still persists in 11.0. Here is the full stack trace (if anybody cares).

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