receiving messages twice when subscribing to wildcard #

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If I subscribe to '#', and pulbish a message on topic 'test', I receive the message twice.

I now have two entries on the sbscription list (left side):

'#' 'test'

see attached image

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  1. Jens Deters repo owner

    Yes, that right. This is fixed by 1.4.2. There is an issue supporting re-connected Sessions and Wildcards: When receiving a MQTT message there is currently no way to find out whether it is received as of Wildcard subscription or a re-connected session. MQTT.fx 1.4.1 assumes an incoming message with no known subscription must be a re-connected session. Thats why in the UI it appears as a subscribed topic. This works great on session re-connect but is confusion on wildcard subscription.

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