Welcome to Anontwi-GTK - v0.1 Testing

Anontwi-GTK is a Graphical User Interface running under Anontwi Core - http://anontwi.sourceforge.net/


    + AES + HMAC-SHA1 encryption on Tweets and Direct Messages --> [Important: UNDER REVIEW!]
    + Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to interact with Twitter's API
    + Proxy Socks (for example, to connect to the TOR network)
    + Random HTTP header values
    + Send long messages splitted automatically
    + Automatic decryption of tweet's urls or raw inputs
    + Backup messages to your disk (max: 3200)
    + UTF-8 + Unicode support (chinese, arabic, symbols, etc)
    + Multiplatform: GNU/Linux, MacOS, Win32
    + Detailed colourful output results
    + Generate tools and modules


    - Check the 'install' directory out. You will find two scripts, at the moment
only for Debian and Arch linux.


    $ ./anontwi-gtk 
- If is the first time you use Anontwi-GTK, you will see an assistant for se
your twitter app up. After follow the steps, you could use the GUI for send
encrypted tweets throw proxy and decrypt them.

    $ ./anontwi-gtk del_tokens
- You can delete your tokens like that (or reset them).


    - All your tokens are stored as a PLAIN TEXT, so be carefull about 
keep it safe.

Next version will have a PGP encryption possibility for them.

    - We are testing at the moment the Proxy stuff. And by now 
there is no possibility for request the user profile information throw that.

Colaborators, Feedback and Bugs reports

    - You will find us at Freenode IRC, channel #anontwi.
    - Webchat: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=anontwi