Solsa is a sample management program for the John Bowen Solaris synthesizer.


Solsa is written in C++. Building the source code requires the JUCE library and also the free version of the Voxengo r8brain library v1.6. I've built the current executable using JUCE v4.1 although somewhat earlier versions of JUCE will probably work as well. The only platform I have built and used this on is Windows. Although since JUCE is cross-platform it may not be difficult to build on other platform as well.

So far I don't have any detailed instructions yet for using the program. Much of it might be easy enough to figure out. But I'll mention the following not-so-obvious controls:

  • The key range is indicated by the blue rectangle on the keyboard. The red key indicates the root key.
  • Holding the CTRL button while clicking on the keyboard sets the low key of the key range.
  • Holding the Shift button while clicking on the keyboard sets the high key of the key range.
  • Holding both CTRL and Shift while clicking on the keyboard sets the root key.
  • Holding Shift while dragging in the waveform display creates a sample range.
  • You can then set the loop to the selected range by choosing "Set Loop to Range" from the Edit menu or by pressing CTRL+L. (While it might seem easier to just set the loop by dragging instead of this two-step process, the intention was to eventually add other sample editing operations like cut. So selecting a range first before choosing an operation makes sense.)
  • Holding CTRL while using the mouse wheel zooms the waveform display.
  • Items in the tree view on the left can be reordered by dragging.