This is a simple library intended to provide a Java-based API to interact with Daikin heat pump units. It is designed to work with both the wired and wireless modules that have been available on the market for the past few years. Specifically, it has been tested with the KKRP01A wired module, and the BRP072A42 wireless module. The wireless module follows the unofficial API documentation provided here:

Building JDaikin

After forking / cloning the repo, you can build a jar file from the command line simply by typing:


This will result in a jar file being created in build/libs. There is no need to install or configure the gradle build tool - by using gradlew it will be downloaded and configured automatically.

Example Code

public static void main(String[] args) {
    final String host = "http://daikin";                      // The IP address or name of the Daikin heat pump
    IDaikin daikin = DaikinFactory.createWiredDaikin(host);   // Use the factory to create a wired or wireless instance
    daikin.setOn(false);                                      // This turns the heat pump off (or on)
    daikin.setTargetTemperature(23);                          // This is the temperature the heat pump should aim for
    System.out.println(daikin);                               // Prints out some useful state information