Assertion `pindex->pprev || pindex->GetBlockHash() == hashGenesisBlock' failed.

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On 2.0.1 beta I am now getting the following error when firing up nud:

nud: kernel.cpp:481: unsigned int GetStakeModifierChecksum(const CBlockIndex*): Assertion `pindex->pprev || pindex->GetBlockHash() == hashGenesisBlock' failed.

Is this recoverable, other than starting over and downloading the blocks again?

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  1. Michael Witrant

    This is a very strange error, I've never encountered it. Your database is probably corrupted and downloading again would probably solve it. You may want to check the sanity of your system too.

  2. ccfer

    I have got that problem multiple times, it is always database corruption related. Either nud did not stop correctly or the underlying file system is giving you errors. It used to happen to me frequently on a 24x7 node on a raspberry pi 2. Re-downloading the blockchain or copying it from a backup always solved the problem until the SD card finally died.

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