Preview orderbook available on raspi

Issue #844 resolved
Desrever Nu created an issue

Now is javabased... Make it web-based

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  1. Desrever Nu reporter

    fix a bug in bter also : Buy balance should be enough

    Resizing the size of the order []
    19:06:37.123 [qtp187380847-24 - //localhost:8889/previeworderbook] WARN  - Putting a cap on BUY liquidity available. [Total Balance  : 0.11013184 BTC ; capped @  0.00275946 BTC] [c.n.n.t.L.LiquidityDistributionModel:85]
    19:06:37.123 [qtp187380847-24 - //localhost:8889/previeworderbook] INFO  - The current balance equivalent 1.0000007094 NBT is not enought to place the full BUY wall defined in the liquidity model (2.0). 
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