If nud rpc fails, print out a more friendly message with troubleshoot

Issue #874 resolved
Desrever Nu created an issue

1) include the raw response from nud

2) add some troubleshooting questions :

nubot and nud on same machine?

wallet unlocked (NBT) ?

does your conf looks exactly like this (port numbers apart) ?

rpcuser= choose-a-username>
rpcpassword= choose-a-password>

is nud nud synced?

does nud hold the private key of BBZ4h88BwYCyE9q268LoArps6eodq9PDGH?

is BBZ4h88BwYCyE9q268LoArps6eodq9PDGH a custodian address?

is your rpcuser/passphrase somewhat complicated? try to set it to something very simple, alphanumeric short, and try again

try removing daemon = 1

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