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CoffeeScript extension for Pycharm's Monokai theme.

An extension of PyCharm's Monokai color scheme, to include Syntax highlighting for CoffeeScript when using the CoffeeBrew plug-in.


The CoffeeBrew plug-in should be installed first, you can install it via the JetBrains plugin manager from within your IDE.

Once you have it download Monokai_CoffeeBrew.xml and follow these instructions:

  • OS X: Place Monokai_CoffeeBrew.xml in /Library/Preferences/PyCharm10/colors/ and restart your IDE
  • Linux: Place Monokai_CoffeeBrew.xml in /.PyCharm10/config/color and restart your IDE
  • Windows Vista/Win7: Place Monokai_CoffeeBrew.xml in C:\Users\YourUserNameHere.PyCharm10\config\colors
  • Windows XP: Place Monokai_CoffeeBrew.xml in C:\Documents and Settings<user name>.PyCharm10\config\colors


Jeremy Ashkenas for his awesome programming language CoffeeScript, that makes JavaScript programming friendly and fun!

Michael Kessler for his JetBrains plugin CoffeeBrew

Kamal Fariz Mahyuddin for his port of the Railscasts theme to RubyMine, that served as a inspiration for this port.

JetBrains Team for creating an awesome Python (and Django) IDE.