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Clarify the rules for naming data files so they can be combined.

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 :history: 20110827T212500, updated for 3.5.1, combining aliases
 :history: 20120119T075600, Added some clarification from George Paci
 :history: 20120504T091800, Added info about execution warnings, and 3.5.2 stuff.
+:history: 20120807T211600, Clarified the combine rules.
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 how the different locations correlate with a ``[paths]`` section in your
 configuration file.  See :ref:`config_paths` for details.
+If you are collecting and renaming your own data files, you'll need to name
+properly for **combine** to find them.   It looks for files named after the
+data file (defaulting to ".coverage", overridable with COVERAGE_FILE), with a
+dotted suffix.  All such files in the current directory will be combined.  Here
+are some examples of combinable data files::
+    .coverage.machine1
+    .coverage.20120807T212300
+    .coverage.last_good_run.ok
 .. _cmd_reporting: