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Thanks for downloading EFNet Anime Feed. This code is left here for
historical reasons.

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* License
                      DO WHATEVER PUBLIC LICENSE*

  0. You can do whatever you want to with the work.
  1. You cannot stop anybody from doing whatever they want to with the work.
  2. You cannot revoke anybody elses DO WHATEVER PUBLIC LICENSE in the work.

 This program is free software. It comes without any warranty, to
 the extent permitted by applicable law. You can redistribute it
 and/or modify it under the terms of the DO WHATEVER PUBLIC LICENSE
 Software originally created by Justin Lloyd @

* About
Back in the dawn of the commercial internet, circa 1995, there was a little
used language that became known as Java. After tinkering with it for about a
year or so for mundane things that the company I worked for wanted done I
thought I would do something interesting with it. This is, or rather was, a
"bot" that would connect to the #anime channel on EFNet and stream the
conversation in real-time to a web browser, which in 1996 was unheard of,
and not only did it do that, but it also played video and audio too, that was
"mostly" synchronised - this is in the days before Flash or HTML video or
anything that could play video. I think at one point in time audio and video
were correctly synchronized but Java runtimes change, little delays creep in to
audio buffers, and so on. This isn't the most elegant of code, and I look back
on the style and cringe - but it got the job done.

Along with the source code and graphics I have also uploaded the compiled
.class files so that you can run the demo without needing to compile first.

The server and the server software that this client software communicated with
is long gone unfortunately and only this small demo is left to mark that it
ever existed.
* Pre-requisites
1. Java compiler

* Support
Absolutely none provided.

Software originally created by Justin Lloyd, October 2012
   and distributed via the DO WHATEVER PUBLIC LICENSE*.

* DO WHATEVER PUBLIC LICENSE is based on the idea of the "WTFPL - Do What The
  Fuck You Want To Public License" available at I
  did not use that license as it has an implicit denial of use exploit in it. I
  added two extra clauses to the DO WHATEVER PUBLIC LICENSE that prevents you
  from revoking the license and preventing other people from doing whatever
  they want to with the work.