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* About
Technical notes on aspects of the Nintendo Gameboy useful to game developers
working on that particular platform. In the days of Gameboy development this
was a much sought after document and I ran a developer mailing list at the time
that had well over 200 professional game developers as subscribers and in '98 
and '99 that was a lot of professional game developers, especially for just one

This project contains notes, earlier versions that were not version controlled
at the time, and the later move from Microsoft Word to Corel Draw as the
complexity of the document grew. The version of Corel Draw is an early one,
probably version 5 or 6, and I think you can also import this document in to
Adobe Illustrator though you will have to fiddle with the layers to access the
separate pages.

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1. Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator or anything that can import a .cdr file

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Absolutely none provided.

* DO WHATEVER PUBLIC LICENSE is based on the idea of the "WTFPL - Do What The
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  did not use that license as it has an implicit denial of use exploit in it. I
  added two extra clauses to the DO WHATEVER PUBLIC LICENSE that prevents you
  from revoking the license and preventing other people from doing whatever
  they want to with the work.