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* About
In early 1999 I started work on an Atari 2600 Action Pack for the Gameboy Color
which was to include H.E.R.O., Pitfall I & II, plus a bunch of other classic
games. There was also to be an updated Pitfall II game with lots of extended
rooms to explore and creatures to avoid and treasures to collect. Development
was well along but about 9 months in to the cycle my client had a change of
heart and decided that the Gameboy was not a viable platform. The source code
license was never transfered (non-payment of milestones) after the client
decided to stonewall on payments.

This repository contains a very early prototype of the Pitfall II port for the
Nintendo Gameboy Color. I am hoping at some point I am able to dig through my
Perforce server to locate a more developed version of the game, along with the
source code to all of the other ports that were worked on and mostly completed.

I am very sure that this code does not build, it seems incomplete with several
missing files, and after 13 years, what do you expect? Browsing the source
files indicates this also a very early version of the code, nothing more than a
simple prototype to show off some effects.

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Absolutely none provided.

             Software originally created by Justin Lloyd in 1999
         and distributed via the DO WHATEVER PUBLIC LICENSE in 2012.