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> King Arthur: One, two, five!  
> Sir Galahad: Three sir!  
> King Arthur: THREE!  
>   - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

# es5 - JavaScript/EcmaScript 5 in 3

While some of the best features of ES5 will never run in an ES3-only engine, it also adds some convenience methods which are perfectly possible to implement in current engines (or at least stub out in a tolerable way)

While  many of these functions are provided by the big JavaScript libraries, it's not always appropriate to the task to bring in the heavy hitters.

## Usage

Load the `es5.js` file.  The file should be compatible with the CommonJS module system.  For non-CommonJS systems, this means it loads all symbols into the global variable `exports`.  You'll probably want to follow the load with 

    var es5 = exports;
    delete exports; // optional

To load everything call


- `constructorMethods`: methods on the constructor or class name, e.g. `Array.isArray`.
- `imperfectMethods`: methods on Object, which can allow most code using the new APIs to run without error, but can't really implement the enhanced object model.
- `prototypeMethods`: properties on the prototype, which will show up on for-in iterations, and so might not be desired.

Alternately, you can just cherry-pick methods, or even call them directly.  Note that while the `es5.use` methods will not overwrite existing (presumably optimized) methods, such cherry-picking relies on your own discretion.

    Array.prototype.forEach = es5.Array.prototype.forEach;
    x = es5.Object.create();


This project does not include JSON support.  json2.js is recommended as a specification-compatible implementation.


## Licence

MIT Licence; see LICENSE.txt