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Basic Keyboard Interactions

A Kakoune plugin that maps basic keyboard shortcuts to the editors normal user mode in order to help the new user, part-timer, or writers.

An in editor information box displays a quick selection list dependent on the users intial keystroke ; or ' or ^ while in the editors normal user mode.

For the full list of commands this plugin makes available please read the source code in rc/basic-interactions.kak, and feel free to clone it, change it, and rearrange it. The source code file provides alternate initial key implementation for your choosing.

Plugin Examples

  • declare-user-mode anchor

        map global anchor s ’<esc><a-S>’ -docstring ’select cursor and anchor’
  • declare-user-mode movement

        map global movement n ’<a-n>’ -docstring ’select previous match’
  • declare-user-mode changes

        map global changes j ’<a-j>’  -docstring ’join selected lines’

Kakoune General Information

Kakoune is an open source modal editor. The source code lives on github mawww/kakoune.

A discussion on the repository structure of ’community plugins’ for Kakoune can be reviewed here: Standardi(s|z)ation of plugin file-structure layout #2402.

Read the Kakoune wiki for information on install options via a Plugin Manager.