Emulation of groundwater isochlores

Scripts files start with the prefix s_, files without this prefix are functions.

Polar representation and POD projections of ichlores


Data files (in folder data/):

  • obs_pt_coor.csv
  • toe_coor.csv
  • toe_dist.csv
  • well_coor.csv
  • well_data.csv
  • well_pumping.csv

Octave packages:


To produce the results you need the preprocessed data generated by preprocdata. The line to generate this data is

preprocdata ('isochlore_data.mat')

The name of the file is optional, but all scripts are currently hardcoded to isochlore_data.mat. If you do not use this name you will have to edit all relevant scripts.

After this step is successfully completed you can run the script s_explore_data.m to get soe exploratory plots on the data. This is optional, but might be useful to make sure everythign went alright.

The fllowing script to run is s_emulatorPP_preproc.m. This script will convert the isoline representation to plar coordinates and compute a reduced POD basis. Some plots will be generated to show maximum errors in the process.

Next we can train a GP emulator on the preprocessed data. We do this using the script s_emulatorPP_train. In this script the data will be randomly separated into a train and a test set. This script produces no plot, but provides some summary of the regression process.

Finally we can test and evaluate the quality of the emulator using s_emulatorPP_test.

In summary the following code generates the emulation results

preprocdata ('isochlore_data.mat'); clear all;
# optional
# s_explore_data;
s_emulatorPP_preproc; clear all
s_emulatorPP_train; clear all