This project is a fork of the suckless project by the same name.


I started using dwm not too long ago, and noticed that there was really no kind of nice, clean status implementation. All of them were in Python or some shell language. Then I looked at the dwm site and there was suddenly this new dwmstatus project up there. By default it just showed systemd load and time, and coming from i3 I was expecting a bit more. So I started editing this with two motives: learning C and making a good status bar. Now it does a bit more than show 3 differently formatted timezones and a 5-10-15 minute system load. I added some patches from the site to make it show network speed, temperature and a heavily edited battery meter (with time remaining and status) that I threw together. I also took some stuff from i3status and put it in here, notably the ip address check.

If this thing is of use to you, then I guess I'm doing something right.

Instalation and Use

This compiles fine with both clang and gcc for me. Note, it does have most of the same makedepends as dwm.

Running make will compile dwmstatus and you can run it as you would any C program, ./dwmstatus. There is documentation on how to run it in the man page. Just as dwm is configured with a config.h file, so is this status bar. There are a few things you can do just editing this config file, like setting location, where your battery is located, etc. To edit the order that things are displayed, you will have to edit dwmstatus.c's status() function.

You can also add functions by placing them in the includes folder and adding a #include "includes/yourfile.c" in the dwmstatus.c file.

If you're on Arch, then there are packages on the aur, dwmstatus-ks and dwmstatus-ks-git, that you can use to build the status bar.


Please add bugs to the bitbucket project or email me at 1007380[at]gmail[Ðot]com.