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 # dwmstatus
-This project is a fork of the suckless project by the same name.
+This project is a fork of the [suckless project][2] by the same name.
 ## About
 location, where your battery is located, etc. To edit the order that things are
 displayed, you will have to edit dwmstatus.c's `status()` function.
-If you're on Arch, then there is a package on the aur, `dwmstatus-ks`, that you
-can use. Change a few things and you can use it with the git repository as well.
+You can also add functions by placing them in the includes folder and adding a
+`#includes "includes/yourfile.c"` in the `dwmstatus.c` file.
+If you're on Arch, then there are packages on the aur, `dwmstatus-ks` and
+`dwmstatus-ks-git`, that you can use to build the status bar.
 ## Bugs
-Please add bugs to the bitbucket project or email me at 1007380 [at] gmail [Ðot]
+Please add bugs to the [bitbucket project][1] or email me at
 ## Copyright Info
+[1]: https://bitbucket.org/KaiSforza/dwmstatus
+[2]: http://dwm.suckless.org/dwmstatus