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 complex shell scripts, this status bar tries to stay clean and concise, has no
 configuration file, and must be recompiled to change settings, similar to dwm.
 It can output to the dwm statusbar (set the xroot label) or to stdout for use
-with other status bars or programs. 
+with other status bars or programs.
 The default setup has 5 sections (from left to right): network usage, battery
 status, computer load, temperature, and time. These are separated by pipes, and
 #include "include/network.h"
 #include "include/temp.h"
  * setup the status bar here


  * TODO ip address display (need new func, not in net/dev)
  * TODO connection status (Put in ip address func?)
  * Used to parse the /proc/net/dev file to get the network useage.
 parse_netdev(unsigned long long int *receivedabs,
     unsigned long long int *sentabs, char *netdevice)