Set of Mac OS X keyboard layouts (input sources)

  • Netsu Dvorak — a bit changed version of common Programmer Dvorak without shifting the digital row;
  • Netsu Russian — Russian (Typewriter) and/or Russian (Apple) layout redesigned to be compatible with Netsu Dvorak as much as possible (keyboard shortcuts compatible too);
  • Netsu Russian - Phonetic — russian phonetic keyboard layout designed to be compatible with Netsu Dvorak;
  • Netsu Ukrainian — ukrainian layout based on Netsu Russian;
  • Netsu Ukrainian - Phonetic — ukrainian layout based on Netsu Russian - Phonetic.


for single user:

cd ./Keylayouts/ && cp ./*.bundle ~/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/ && tell application "System Events" to log out


cd ./Keylayouts/ && sudo cp ./*.bundle /Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/ && sudo shutdown -r now


Netsu Dvorak Netsu Dvorak shifted Netsu Ukrainian