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antes created an issue

So I pretty much finished my DK chain, now I have final quest from Mograin which is very simple "just bring the letter to king". Everything looks ok till now problem here, I don't have any portal to go Stormwind gates (which where i should go). There is one portal to SW but that teleports you to Mage tower (this seems also ok), here is the problems;

  • Since now I'm unfriendly with Stormwind (which also I'm friendly in rep table) I cannot use inner portals in tower to reach King and complete the quest.
  • There is a portal to Hellfire (Outland), I can use it but I can't go back from Dark Portal, which also eliminates my walking back option.
  • I can't use portals in any other place because they teleport me to mage tower which also creates the same problem with the first one

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